Tips on rehabilitating an Ikea Poäng chair?
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We have an Ikea Poäng chair. It's comfortable and the frame is in fine shape. The foam cushioning is in pretty good shape too. The fabric cover, however, is in rough shape. It's seen a lot of use and spent too much time in direct sunlight. It's (unevenly) faded and worn. Have you had a good experience replacing the cover through a third-party company?

The current fabric cover reflects the mistakes of youth. We'll take better care of the next one. But where should the next one come from? Ikea sells a handful, but it would be great to replace it with something a little more visually interesting. Some of these covers from Bemz, for example, look pretty cool, although a little pricey. I've seen some on Etsy, too, though nothing that really grabbed me.

One thing that gives me pause is that the options from Bemz say they do not fit our version of the Poäng, which looks like this with the folded-over headrest that does not have foam in it. We'd be more than happy to purchase some more foam, though, if that's all it took to make it work. (In fact, we may replace the foam entirely when we replace the cover just to breathe some new life into it.)

So have you found any third-party Poäng covers that you like? We might be willing to spend up to $200 for something that was durable, washable and attractive. If it was cheaper than that, we'd be very happy. We've ruled out white and very loud patterns, but beyond that we're flexible.

Oh, and while we're in Canada, shipping to the U.S. is probably an option via relatives.

Thank you!
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You probably will need to replace the foam too. I opened up my cover last year and was disappointed to find that the foam was flat as a pancake. It was easy enough to buy some from a fabric store, but next time I will just buy a new cover and pad from IKEA.
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Any upholsterer should be able to re-do it as well and will have lots of fabric options.
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I have a pair of Poäng chairs and Mrs_Eep and I had this very same observation about our black fabric covers this week! I haven't been following IKEA's line lately (we live several hundred miles from the closest one) but I recall that they had fabric covers, and then leather covers.

I suspect that the leather covers might be a bit more durable with respect to color.
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Here is a pattern for the slip cover. Get the cheapest new cushion, and then find fabric you like, either at Ikea or use shower curtains.

You can probably do this your self with an iron and sewing tape. I just did this with curtains and it worked a treat!
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If you decide to skip reupholstering and buy a new Poäng cover, IME the black leather covers are very durable. I've had mine for 10+ years now and the cover still looks fabulous even with frequent use.
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I'd suggest buying the new red IKEA cushion that's $39 CAD, so you have a nice fresh cushion and cover, and then talking to the Etsy seller about a custom cover (an option listed on the site). Or you could just ask her for a custom cover, but, if you are going to spend that much, why not start with a new cushion? Especially since the price is pretty good.

Also, if the chair might be in the sun, maybe look for some outdoor fabric. I bet the Etsy seller could direct you to some good options for fabrics (though I'm guessing then you don't have the advantage of bulk pricing so it'll cost more).
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Seconding jazzbaby. We replaced our 20-year old Poäng (the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought together!) foam cushions with the black leather versions, and they hold up wonderfully. My back is no longer happy with the chair, but it looks great.
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If you decide to go with the leather covers but think they are too boring, you could use leather paint to make them more interesting!
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