A bunch of leftover pizza in Philadelphia
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What can we do with a bunch of individually wrapped pizza slices in Philly on Sunday morning?

So, we had a bunch of family over for post-holiday pizza and we have like 10-15 slices left that my husband and I definitely won't eat. I wrapped them in foil and would like to give them to hungry folks if they want them. Is this a dumb idea? I feel increasingly out of touch (we have an eight month old and that's all we do) but we live in Fairmount and the BFP stretch always has homeless folks that could possibly want some pizza. Rodin? Logan Square? I think I might feel stupid walking up to Logan Square with a bag full of [pizza....

Tldr: is there anything useful I can do with a bunch of individually-wrapped pizza slices within a mile or so of Fairmount on a Sunday morning?
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Your plan is perfect. Nothing weird at all.
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Great idea! I feel like handing out a bottle of water or gatoraid along with them might make it feel less like "handing out leftovers", also.
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My grandmother, who lived in Philadelphia, used to give her restaurant doggie bags to homeless people near her apartment building. They were always appreciative.

When she died, we had a little get together at her assisted living facility after the funeral. In her memory, my mom and I distributed the leftovers from that to homeless folks in Philly.
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Response by poster: Amro, What neighborhood?
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Center City. Near Hahnemann Hospital. I think 12th & Vine, but don't hold me to that.
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Lots of hungry folks in my neighborhood (btwn Washington Square and Rittenhouse Square)
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Response by poster: Forgot to update, in case anyone cares.

I went to Logan Square and some organization was already handing out food. I asked they would hand out the pizza, they said no (totally understandable). I asked if they minded if I also gave out the pizza and they basically told me to get away, that they had permits and I would create liability for them. I totally get it (she was kind of a jerk about it, I was very deferential and she over-explained and was prett condescending), so I left, but then some guy who saw the whole thing stopped me and said he would take the damn pizza and hand it out to his friends. So, success.
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