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Why do large file transfers to and from Egnyte fail when using my home broadband connection?

One of my clients uses Egnyte for file management. For a typical job I will usually be required to download 5GB of files and upload 1.5GB.

However, when at home, transfer of large files to and from Egnyte will often fail. (On download, Chrome gives the error message: "connection failed". Uploading, Egnyte's error message is: "HTTP error").

I have three machines at home. Two Macs (running Yosemite and Lion) and a PC running Windows 7. I've had no luck with any of them on any browser but when using other people's broadband I have no problem at all (using my MacBook).

I have no firewalls running. Yes, I've turned everything on-and-off-again. So that leaves me to think that the problem lies with my BT Homehub 4 router (I've turned the firewall off on the router too). But why would my router be botching the transfer of large files?

Please help!
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Had a similar problem awhile back, the fix was to turn off "IP flood detection" on the router. Might be called something different on yours.

Other things to consider trying:

Temporarily turn off any kind of malware or antivirus programs.

Exit or disable programs that could be creating lots of connections and overwhelming the router.

If possible, use an FTP client instead of a browser.

If you're using a VPN try doing the transfers outside of it. If not using one, try using one.

Could your ISP be throttling or terminating large file transfers?
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there might also be a problem on the local loop where the modem resets the connection often, the ISP will be able to spot this for you. Also if the modem is crap and uses some awfully small MTU (Max transfer unit), it can mince things so much the OS and software eventually fail, I have had big rsyncs fail over DSL because of this (you can look up games to play with OS settings to set it's MTU to the same as the upward connection.

Also does wireless vs wired change things? My modem's wifi is useless for big files.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help. Still no luck.

The BT Homehub router only has a limited number of settings. I've switched the firewall off, tried adding my Mac to DMZ (whatever that is) but that seems to be the most I can do. Could not find anything like an 'IP flood detection' setting. Ethernet is no different to wireless. No malware/antivirus programs running. MTU is apparently 1500 by default but there seems to be no way to change it.

Been on the phone to BT who've run a test but say there's no problem with my connection.

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It sounds like something between you and Egnyte (probably your router) is timing out the HTTP connection. I don't know enough about networking to help on that end, but one quick fix would be to just use a VPN service. Since the traffic would be encrypted on a VPN, whatever device is interfering won't recognize it as HTTP traffic.
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