Did I imagine this scene from the theatrical version of the movie?
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In the Woody Allen movie "Magic in the Moonlight" there's a scene in an observatory. Stanley (Colin Firth) is sleepy and lies down on a bench. Sophie (Emma Stone) is first seen sitting next to him, and then a bit later she's walking around as he awakens. This is from the DVD. I distinctly recall in the movie that was released to the theaters, he is lying on the bench with his head in her lap (not so in the DVD). The reason I remember it is that it was so unexpected. Did I imagine that?
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I recall the theatrical version being exactly like you described the DVD. There was a scene with his head in her lap, and later he awoke to find her walking around.
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I just watched this on Video on Demand tonight and he definitely laid on the bench with his head on or against her and then in the next shot he awoke and she was walking around and told him that the rain had stopped.
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As a follow-up, does anyone know if his head was either on Sophie's lap or against Sophie; that's sort of my question.

Also, for Video on Demand, do they show you the theatrical version or the DVD version?

I know his head isn't on her lap for the DVD version. Does anyone remember whether the theater version is the same or in the theater version does he actually lay his head on her lap?

Thanks! :)
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I just watched this movie on a flight (so unfortunately I can't say whether it was adapted from either the theatrical release or the DVD version), but in the version I watched on the plane he definitely lay down on the bench against her, but not on her lap. As he was laying down it certainly looked like he was about to lay his head on her lap (that's what I assumed was happening) but then he actually lay on the bench.
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