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I am fascinated by live tracking types of websites such as FlightAware and Tweetping. Where can I find more real-time website goodness?

I'd love to find more websites similar to these:

Breaking News - important global news
USGS Earthquake Map - quakes
FlightAware - planes
FlightRadar24 - planes
Global Incident Map - various news reports
Helioviewer.org - the sun
Tweetping - Twitter
Norse Hack Attack Map - hacking
Wind Map - weather

Occcasionally, I'll listen to police scanners (You are listening to is always cool), or watch live cams (like the ones found on EarthCam).

I also use TweetDeck quite frequently (using keywords/hashtag searches such as "breaking news" and "earthquake" and "has died") - it's amazing what Twitter knows before it's finally reported officially elsewhere!

I'm especially interested in breaking news, earthquakes, weather, etc., but I'm open to any suggestions for new subjects! I simply enjoy the instant knowledge that our Internet lends itself to these days. Please only safe-for-work stuff, since I'll be watching/listening from my desk from time to time. Thanks in advance!
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Marine Traffic
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On this day after the 25th, there is not much lightning.
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VHF Propagation
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Best answer: earth--a visualization of real-time weather conditions.
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Best answer: To go along with your flight radar: Live Air Traffic Control!
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Here's electricity generation in the UK by type.
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Dutch trains
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the London Underground!
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Best answer: A recent resupply mission to the International Space Station included HD webcams that stream beautiful low orbit horizons 24/7 (with some interruptions, the connection can be dodgy).
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LiveATC.net will give you a bunch of air traffic control audio feeds. They have a link on the left side navigation for "bad weather areas", which tend to be a little more interesting to listen to.
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CTA buses and trains (Chicago). You can see estimated arrivals by stop or real-time maps.

I also find the New York City traffic cams oddly mesmerizing.
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I like RSOE EDIS - Emergency and Disaster Information Service, but it can make you very paranoid!
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