what are some fabrics that won't scratch ipods?
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i'm thinking of making ipod sleeves/pouches as presents for friends, what are some fabrics i could use to line them that won't scratch the plastic?
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I made a load of these recently, I cut up some old tweed thrift store suit jackets and used the silk jacket lining as the ipod pouch lining, and the tweed for the outside. I added little tags and button details and stuff, they were pretty cool. Maybe not what you mean though..
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Fleece, cotton flannel, or satin would all be good (in increasing order of fanciness and decreasing order of ease to work with).
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What are you using to make the pouch? I'm just naturally nosy about crafty things. I've made 3 covers for iPods myself. All three were with vintage cotton fabrics...thick upholstery materials. One was lined with felt and the other two were lined with a thin, cream colored batting called Warm and Natural. You can get it at any craft or fabric store. It's nice and padded, too, which is a plus. It's really nice, and soft. Silk jacket lining is also a very good idea. Smooooooth.
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How about duct tape?
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Martha Stewart Living had a short how-to on making felt cases a few months ago. Unlike 99% of the time when I search for something on their website, I actually found the article, along with a downloadable template you might want to use.
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You could use non-woven fabric, which is basically that spun soft fabric used in CD holder sleeves. Comes in white and black usually. Very soft and very cheap.
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I made one out of felted cashmere--took a sweater that had already shrunk in the wash by mistake, shrunk it more on purpose (hot water, lots of agitation, and a little dish detergent. Rinse and dry), and cut it to fit. I blanketstitched around the edges, and used a cute fastener. My Nano is happy, and that's one scratch-prone little iPod.
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