Good consumer electronics stores in South Jersey?
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My mother-in-law's TV is out of HDMI ports. I need a switch and a cable. I can't order online-- I need to be here to set up, and leave early Monday. Best Buy/Radio Shack are last resorts.

I'm in the Haddons. Where do I go? Crossing the river is an option (Micro Center ahoy!), but only if I have to. Thanks!
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Are Target or Walmart options?
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On the same level as Best Buy, I guess. If it comes to that, I'll do it. I'd rather go to a place with actual choices and without obnoxious markup on cables. Being picky and cheap is a burden sometimes.
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Micro center is what I was in to recommend, and the inventory is online, as is in store pickup (they pull the items for you, you pay when ya get there).

But best buy has the instore stock listings too, but its not as good. Walmart too. I'd check their stock before the extra 2 hours of driving to micro center.

There's also PC Richards at moorestown, but I'm not a fan.
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There's an hhgregg in Deptford, but that might be on the same level as Best Buy for you.
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At least one of those big stores (I think Best Buy?) has price matching to online stores. If you find something on Amazon that's marked up in BB, they'll honor that price. Amazon also has next day delivery for about $4, if the online problem is the shipping time.
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