Looking for a Kindle Paperwhite cover that works as a stand in bed
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I like to read in bed, and I'd like a recommendation for a Kindle Paperwhite cover that will prop up the Kindle in landscape mode so I can read in bed without holding it up.

Why yes. Yes, I am lazy.

I'm looking to replace my old Kindle regular. With that one I bought the (awful) Amazon cover with the built-in light. I generally don't like that cover, but the one thing that's nice about it is that I can use it to prop up the kindle so I can read it while lying on my side in bed, although only on the one side.

So what I'm hoping to find is a cover that will also function as a landscape-mode stand at bedtime, on either the right or the left side. I'd like the cover itself to have the magnetic sleep/wake functionality as well, and not be something that will embarrass me on the subway with a doily design or a picture of a bird or something (ideally, matte black or similar). I did try searching Amazon for this, but it's maddeningly difficult to restrict searches to just Paperwhite-compatible covers there.
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This Ekatomi case/stand might work, though I don't know if it has the magnetic part.
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I have this cover and love it, for I am lazy too. I lie on my side and prop it up in a tent formation. Works perfectly. It also has a magnetic wake/sleep function and is matte black with no embellishments.
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Response by poster: _Mona_, does that work on both sides or just the one side? My old Kindle cover looks similar, but I can only tent it when I'm lying on my right side.
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I have this one by iGadgitz on Amazon and it works fine for side-reading.
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