What is on your Christmas list?
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What is on your Christmas list?

I'm being pestered to complete my Christmas list as soon as possible, but I don't have any great ideas for what I want. So I thought I'd see what others were going to ask for come holiday time. Then I will steal their ideas and put them on my list.
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I'm after this and this. I also want all 4 volumes of Dodie Smith's autobiography.. but you might not be such a big fan.
posted by Lotto at 2:01 PM on November 16, 2005

The Complete New Yorker, despite its apparent technical shortcomings.
posted by arco at 2:01 PM on November 16, 2005

Really good scissors. They're a real pleasure to own.
posted by iconomy at 2:09 PM on November 16, 2005

"The Complete Calvin and Hobbes."

Bought myself "Little Nemo in Slumberland" for my birthday, so I can't lay down the bucks for this. Maybe my family will throw in together for it.

If not, post-xmas overtime and sale prices may do it.
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I'd second the Calvin and Hobbes collection (the first of Lotto's links). It's pricey, but it's a complete collection of the greatest comic strip ever, so it's not possible for it to be too expensive.

I also want Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels, a follow-up to Star Wars Chronicles from many years ago, which is, hands down, the most gorgeous book on SW available.

Oh, and best of all: Serenity, which is being released on DVD December 20.
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Tickets to Wicked in Chicago

Indiana Jones Boxed Set

Lucky Brand Jeans

Moleskine notebooks (squared)

Duke City Derby T-Shirt

kittymonkey's Satellites for Animals CD

Knives, of the kitchen variety
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A nice set of diatonic harmonicas (at least in the keys of C, A, D, and G).
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Seriously. Can't go wrong with a nice pair of socks.
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To have my guy home from Iraq would be good.
posted by kudzu at 2:25 PM on November 16, 2005

Garden Gnome and Sock Monkey pajamas.

Undeclared on dvd.
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I want a rusted three wheel bicycle from the flea market and a pass to see David Lee Roth in Howard Stern's chair.
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20Gig iPod. I know, I'm behind the times.
This watch. I know, I'm dreaming.
These look fun. And I'd love
this phone.
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A pug.
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I am an equal-holiday-opportunity wisher, here's my wishlist.

At the top though is travel, a media unit, a loveseat, a console table, and a good camera for macro photographs.
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I refuse to make lists for people; it's too much like shopping. I tell people if they want to get me something and can't think of something they know I want and would like that (hopefully) has some significance they should make a donation on my behalf to Habitat for Humanity.
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Stuff I want this year in particular:
An ipod.
Civ IV.

Stuff I want every year:
Small boxes (I collect them).
Some professional shirts that will cover my tattoos.
Cute socks.
Herbal tea.
Many, many books.
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Oh and I want Twilight Princess: The Legend of Zelda. I am going to be very pissed if Santa doesn't deliver the goods.
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The El Bulli Cookbook, a Scooba, and a pair of Nike HTM Air Footscape Wovens. Socks would be fine though.
posted by roofus at 4:09 PM on November 16, 2005

A job.
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Gazziza my dilznoofus!
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A whole bunch more weight plates for my home gym; as I'm quickly running out of them for my bench press :-)

For the nerd in me, perhaps a gig of ram for my comp or a portable hard drive.
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My mom always makes me do up a list, and I've gotten pretty good results* if I ask for something work-related, something for the house, and something indulgant.

Last year, I got 2 pounds of oboe cane, a taple-top bill payer's thingy, and a Flea ukulele.

This year I'd like some money towards a new "pit black" suit, a good kitchen utility knife, and an iPod nano.

* Xmas in my family has always been a balance between what you need and what you want. Erring on the side of "need" -- if you weren't careful or were late with your list, you'd end up getting a lot of socks, blank tapes/CDs, and umbrellas.
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shiitake mushroom log
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Xbox 360! Please?
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All kinds of things... Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Complete Far Side, Scrubs s2 on dvd, an XBox 360 + some games, the full New Jedi Order series of star wars books, I could go on and on and on. Basically, I'm asking for Amazon gift cards. :)
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Hmm, well, I just bought myself a snazzy red purse and a jewelry box this month. Next month I'll likely buy myself a new piece of jewelry, a new-to-me used CD, and maybe a book or two.

People on my list this year are getting books and the sweaters I knitted throughout the year.
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Audio Book: The Divide
Nicholas Evans, Read by Scott Brick
Format: Compact Disc
ISBN: 0143057960
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