Custom DIY picture framing 2014
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What are the current best places for ordering custom-sized picture framing components to assemble myself at home?

I have some odd sized pictures I want to frame. I don't really want to pay for custom framing, and I don't want to try to make them fit into a standard sized frame (even with a custom mat it's going to be awkward with some of them). I'm comfortable mounting the photos, assembling the frames, etc., but I don't have the equipment to cut mats or plexi myself (and I don't really want to get THAT into it). I don't care too much about archival materials (nothing I'm framing is one of a kind), but I do want high quality.

In past years, I've ordered custom cut frames, mats and plexi from Light Impressions. But it's been a few years, and I was never in love with them. Most of the existing threads here are pretty old, so I thought I'd ask again. I'm hoping there are some better options these days.

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Best answer: I've ordered numerous frames from and been very pleased. You can also buy plexiglass from them. I can't speak to their mats, as I always buy the mat locally so I can pick just the right color.
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Best answer: I haven't used them yet, but American Frame comes up a lot on photographers' forums as a good source.
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Yes, American Frame. They're great.
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