Christmas Eve in Chicago?
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Our Christmas Eve plans in Chicago were cancelled. What should we do instead?

My boyfriend and I were planning to visit his family for Christmas Eve, until a burst pipe sent them into panic mode and left us to fend for ourselves. Are there any festive or signature or offbeat events, dinners, luncheons, &c. we can celebrate in Chicago today? We're both currently working but will be free at 1:00. We tried to make reservations at several afternoon teas, but most are booked (if there's one you think might not be, that would be great to know). We've thought about hotel bar hopping/cocktailing, maybe. Also, it's rainy out, so outdoorsy events like ice skating or Christkindlemarket are not at the top of our list. We're all dressed up with nowhere to go.

We will most likely be wrapping gifts and watching PeeWee's Playhouse Christmas Special on Netflix tonight, so afternoon or early evening events are preferable.
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Have you tried the Fireside on Ravenswood for lunch or dinner? They're open all day and night starting at like 11 am, I'm sure they have some time available. Their special events are really nice, and it's a cozy, festive space.
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The Museum of Science and Industry closes at 4pm today, but they have a nice "Christmas trees around the world" exhibit every year. This year, it's Disney themed.
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My mother says that the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute are supposed to be all decorated for the holidays. So you could go to the art institute and then go get a drink or hot chocolate or something and feel festive.
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This may help

I will be volunteering at Shedd tomorrow morning, before going to Chinatown for Lunch and Showplace Icon on Roosevelt to watch Top Five for my Jewish Christmas celebration!
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