Music software with smart playlists that's not itunes?
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What non-itunes music software can make complex smart playlists based on logical rules?

I'm considering ditching itunes as it has become increasingly annoying. I've stayed because I like its smart playlists. I do things like make a mix of songs that (are rated with 5 stars and haven't been played in the last month) OR (contain "happy" in the comments and haven't been played in the last 6 months) OR (are in the "workout" playlist and have 3 or more stars)...

What other music software can do this? Minimally would work on windows, ideally would work on windows, android, mac, and ipad.
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I've been using MediaMonkey for a couple of years now, and have been very happy with it. Like you, I have complex smart playlist requirements, and was thoroughly fed up with iTunes. MediaMonkey has completely met my needs.
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I have been using version 3.2.1 of Windows Media Monkey Gold (paid version) for years and am quite pleased. The current version appears to be 4.1.5. And they seem to say they have an Android App though I have not used that.

I have created many smart playlists on various fields, and sort on multiple fields as well. I had used iTunes previously.

The reason I mention the version is: 1) I can't know whether the current version has any disadvantages, 2) the cost to upgrade discouraged me, just FYI.
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JRiver Media Center provides an extraordinarily flexible smart playlist function, including the type of Boolean approach you mention liking in iTunes, but with much more advanced controls (and tagging system). They have versions for Windows and Mac (I own both), but I am unsure whether they have expanded to Android or iPad. The Windows version also manages videos.
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I'm fairly certain Foobar2000 can do this, or if you're technically inclined, gmusicbrowser has a lot of great features.
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Clementine has smart/dynamic playlists. AFAIK they have the same level of control as iTunes's playlists (because the program can also be used to load iPods).
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I absolutely love MusicBee, which supports smart playlists and has lots more great features.
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