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I'm in Reykjavik for Christmas! But what should I do?

I'm all loaded up on tours and trips for the next two days -- it's the evenings that I'm curious about. What do Icelanders do other than sit with their families on Christmas? Are there concerts, plays, or punch and judy shows that get put on every year that I should attend? And what about those Icelanders who moved here? Are there any expat xmas parties?
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Perhaps there is a Christmas concert at Hallgrímskirkja?
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Go for a walk along the seashore in the Reykjanes peninsula just outside of Reykjavik. Walk the cliffs, visit the lighthouses, enjoy the softness of winter in Iceland.

Or if the weather is uncooperative, then a walk around Tjornin would be quite nice as well.
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Find some Icelandic christmas food if you can! Laufabraud (leaf-bread) and Hangikjot (smoked lamb) are both interesting and well worth trying out. This tripadvisor suggests a restaurant that has the traditional Christmas Eve dinner, could be worth checking out.
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