"Consider Yourself" with an American / North American accent?
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I'm looking for a version of Consider Yourself sung with an American accent (we're staging a musical at my school that is loosely based on "Oliver" and we want to include this song as a nod to the original).

Of course if this were a traditional production I'd want the song to be sung with a Cockney accent, but in this situation we want our students to perform it in their natural voice. I'm looking for a recording to distribute for audition prep. The only thing I can find is this YouTube version, which is not cited at all.

Ideally, the song would be in the original key (Bb). It could be sung by a group or solo.

Any ideas?
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(Old school) Sesame Street did a version of this.
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How about this Judy Garland version? If they're trying to sound British, they're definitely failing.
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