80's Computer Animated Morning T.V show
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Trying to remember a Saturday morning T.V. show, my brain dump is inside:

- Pretty sure it was Saturday morning and possibly very early (6-7am EST)
- US show
- Was computer animated (possibly puppets though)
- Took place in space?
- Had robot / block things with faces on them that made noises
- might have not been a full show but part of another show (ie 15 mins)

That's really all I have. I'll be checking in but really wouldn't know much more until I saw a picture.
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(sorry, saw the answer to my question. 80's)
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Could it have been Kidd Video?
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Was it Reboot?
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Response by poster: Doesn't look like Kidd Video.
Reboot looks familiar but the main thing I remember were these bouncing robot-type blocks which that doesn't seem to have.
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Wikipedia has a list of Computer-animated Television Series which might help you browse and twig on the name. Also, a timeline of computer animation in film and TV.

One contender is Quarxs, which debuted in 1990 and is one of the earliest computer-animted TV shows, predating even Reboot. However, it's French in origin. Maybe Captain Power? It's from the eighties and is credited with having the first computer generated characters in a TV show.
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The Mind's Eye, a.k.a. Short Circutz?
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Best answer: Terrahawks - not computer animated as such, but with lots of computer-like animation and puppets. Lots of the plot took place in either Earth orbit or Mars, although most of it was Earth-based. The good robots (spheres with faces) played the bad robots (cubes) at naughts and crosses during the closing credits.

Opening sequence - possibly the most-80s piece of footage in existence.
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Response by poster: You got it AndrewStephens...thank you. This would have ruined Christmas for me! I even found the closing credits song which really confirmed it for me.
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You guys were unlucky, the US version of the end credits are terrible. In the civilized parts of the world we got the cool naughts and crosses sequence. It was different each episode, usually the good guys would win but occasionally...
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Response by poster: Also you were lucky enough not to have "We're Livin' in the 21st Century" bouncing around your brain for the last 30 years.
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Interesting side note: Gerry Anderson was the creator/producer/puppeteer/whatnot for that show. His kid Jamie is keeping the tradition going. New shows were just recently successfully funded on kickstarter.

Some of the original props and puppets and whatnot show up on eBay on occasion.
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