Bulk picture frames.
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I'd like to buy a bunch of frames for art prints I hope to sell online. Mostly standard sizing, a few slightly nonstandard panoramic sizes. Where can I find volume pricing? Thanks and happy holidays!
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How nice do the frames have to be? Dollar General sells them by the case for pretty good prices, but they're not going to be the most high-end things you've seen.
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Adorama has inexpensive boxes of frames for sale. If you are reshipping, plexiglass will serve you better than glass.
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For really cheap poster frames I've been happy with FrameUSA -but you do get what you pay for.
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I recently discovered Framing4Yourself.com and while I don't know how their prices compare to elsewhere, they seem to be pretty comprehensive in terms of supplies and have several helpful articles explaining how to do it and comparing various options.
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I've had luck with pictureframes.com.
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For custom, pictureframes.com. For standard sizes, Ikea is much better quality for the price than anything else I've seen.
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If you're going for bigger sizes, you could check out thrift stores and look at old photos and pictures. Depending on pricing, you could save money by un-framing prints and art.
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