Large printed horizontal 2015 wall planner
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I found the following template online and the design really appeals the way I think and plan but (a) I can't find anyone selling this kind of printed design commercially and (b) I'd like it to be large (24"x36" aka 60x90 cm) and so I can't print up a template myself. Here are screenshots from the template: SCREENSHOT1 SCREENSHOT2

At-A-Glance sells a similar 24"x36" horizontal planner that I could grudgingly resort to but it doesn't line up the weekends - a feature I think I'd find particularly useful.

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Do you actually have a template for that one you link to or would you need to re-create the design? Any print shop (either a local one or anything like a FedEx Office) can print it up for you if you have the design saved in a printable way.
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Response by poster: The template is being sold for $19 here.

I'd be willing to pay up to $30 total but I'm not sure what it would cost for a print shop to print that in color at 24x36; I suspect the total cost will be a lot more than the $22 that At-A-Glance color planner is going for on Amazon.
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Not quite exactly the same format (with the weekends like that) but here are two similar large-format printed calendars for less than $30. I have both of them for 2015 and can vouch for the print quality.

Calendar 1
Calendar 2
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The template you linked to comes with an EPS file that's totally scalable. You can definitely print it yourself using a print shop like FedEx Office. It might be a little expensive, but if you're dead set on that design (and I see why, it's nifty), you've got what you need to make it happen.
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There are utilities that make tiles out of files so you can make a big print by printing sections on smaller printers. On the Mac there is Tiler, for example. Just search using terms like "poster" "print" and "tile."
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I think you might really love the calendars from NeuYear, particularly the horizontal Monday first version.
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Response by poster: Tiler seems like a pretty cool app, but I only have a b&w laser printer nowadays and I'd prefer to have a print in color on decent stock. (Several years ago I had a color printer and I used an old registered version of Posterino that had similar functionality.)

I learned about NeuYear from an older MeFi thread, but unfortunately neither it nor the suggestion from Supamoto offer a straight-horizontal calendar where all the weeks and weekends line up in columns.

Being able to plan ahead and line up projects/goals so that weeks and weekends line up is something that just seems visually coherent and compelling. When I saw that template I got excited and figured someone must make one for sale. Perhaps not! I see that Office Depot does 24x36 'posters' for around $17, using paper of unknown quality. If I purchase that template the total is close to $40, which I suppose is acceptable if it's the only option. But I was really hoping that it was just available to click-and-buy somewhere.
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Response by poster: Follow up: I discovered that this exact type/size of yearly planner is easily available in the UK and Australia. One made by Sasco sells in the UK for around £5, and has them for around $25, so I think that's what I'm going to get.
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Ah yep, I was going to say these are really common in the UK. For maximum scheduling fun, make sure you get a dry wipe one that comes with a pack of coloured stickers for marking out events, holidays etc.
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