What restaurant for a large gathering of 35+ people?
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Every year our family gets together for a post-holiday dinner at a restaurant near our house, in Durham, NC. People are coming from all over the region, so a potluck would be difficult. We normally do this at Golden Corral, but they are booked at our preferred time, and my partner and I just really, really don't like Golden Corral. What are other restaurants that can handle our party? (Details within.)

We know there are many restaurants that could handle our sized group (35+). What makes Golden Corral great is:

1. We each pay individually, up front, no large bill at the end to split up.
2. We get a separate room. We do a gift exchange and can let the kids run around in our room.
3. There's a great many different types of food at the buffet, something for everyone.

What chains are similar to this? Or, even better, for people who know the area, what local restaurants could accommodate a gathering like this?
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Mama Dips might work-I believe they have a separate party room and can handle individual checks.
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I think every Buca di Beppo has one or more rooms large enough to hold a small company party or decent-sized baby shower.
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Bel Gusto at the Millennium Hotel, it's double the price of Golden Corral though. It's also from noon until 2:00.

Here's an article about restaurants in the area with Christmas dinners.

The Pan Pan Diner is also open on Christmas. They have a buffet as well.

Weirdly, TGIFridays at 2608 Erwin Rd is also open.
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Not sure about your area, but Chinese food restaurants are often set up to accommodate large groups like yours - not sure about splitting the bill but you might be able to set that up beforehand.
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Indian restaurants will be open too.
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Response by poster: Sorry! To be clear, this is not on Christmas Day, it's after Christmas, in mid-January. So that's not a constraint.
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Maggianos can do this. They can provide a catering menu and a private room for you.
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