Eenie Meenie Miney Movies
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I'm looking for as many examples of the game "eenie meenie miney mo" being used in movies or TV shows (or video games).

I'm looking specifically for the use of those words, so it needs to be in English and it needs to be those words. My google-fu is coming up short thanks to a movie and a Justin Bieber song with that title. Justin Bieber ruins everything.

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Kind Hearts and Coronets

(It's the racist one).
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Pulp Fiction.
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The opening scene of Natural Born Killers. *chills*
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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.

Homer uses it to avert nuclear meltdown in the 'Doing a Homer' episode.

If video games count, Tidus says it in Final Fantasy X when using the 'Slice and Dice' overkill move.
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Not sure if you would be interested in this, but, on the old "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" from the 1960's, there was a segment where Bullwinkle was pretending to be a Fortune Teller, and he said at one point; "eenie meenie jelly beanie, the spirits are about to speak!"!
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Harriet the Spy (the 1996 Nickelodeon film)
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Lethal Weapon 2
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Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
epsiode: The Gang Gets Invincible

A minor character says it to Mack while choosing who to tackle during football tryouts.
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Just saw Gravity, Sandra Bullock does this a couple of times trying to guess which button to press in the Chinese Soyuz-equivalent reentry capsule (I think to initiate undocking).

As cnc says, Lethal Weapon (2 I guess?): Gibson confronts a crime boss in his office and pulls a gun. He points it at three thugs in turn saying, "Eenie...meenie...miney...", then says, "Hey Moe!" and shoots the fancy fish tank.
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You did not ask for songs (but just in case!) my boss has been singing "Eenie Meenie Miney Mo" because I play my mix CD with All the Same to Me by Anya Maria too much. (It's in the chorus, first time about 1:03)
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The English version ("Eeny Meeny Macka Racka …") was featured in this very annoying television show.
posted by scruss at 6:31 PM on December 22, 2014 is my go-to for movie/tv quotes. Here are the search results for "eeny meeny" - which seem to include spelling variations.
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