Paleo and/or Whole30 "granola" bars
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What is your favorite packaged whole30 and/or paleo snack bar?
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I'd be interested to know if there really is any W30 snack bar… can't imagine what it would be made out of (does a snack bar count as SWYPO?)

When I did my W30 I ate beef jerky and Sea Snax in lieu of snack bars. It was hard enough to find a beef jerky that was W30 friendly.
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I like Larabars which can be found, among other places, at Trader Joe's.
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How about Epic bars? Opinions vary as to whether they're OK for Whole30. They're not granola, though, more like soft jerky.
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Larabars are technically approved by the Whole30 people, I believe, as long as they contain no added sugar or peanuts. They say take it easy, though. Mostly recommended for athletes I think.

They are also my favorite!
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Oh yes, I remember that now about Larabars, you just need to be really careful on the ingredients because there are a bunch of varieties that have unapproved ingredients in them (as noted). There are also these Primal Pac things. The Epic bars sound really interesting. I checked out the website and all but the Bison bar look compliant (Bison bar has bacon and like most bacon, has sugar in it).
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If you can't find Epic bars, Tanka bars are very similar. A little more jerky-like in texture, but not much.
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Some Epic bars (the bison flavor) have sugar in them and are therefore not W30 compliant.
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I had NoGii Paleo bars at CrossFit Regionals and liked them enough to order a box. Pretty sure they're Whole 30, and they were damn tasty (berry flavor especially).

Nthing the Tanka bar recommendation. NOMNOMNOM
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I've bought Primal Pacs in the past and liked them. Not bars, but they fill the same snacky need.
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