How do I fix the rear light on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire (4-door)?
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One of the rear lights on my car has gone out. I believe it's just a burnt out bulb. The problem is that I can't figure out how to change the bulb. I've inclued a few pictures to show which light I'm referring to and the backside "access" to that light. How do I fix it?

In case it's relevant, I just replaced the bulb to the taillight/turn signal on the same side as the burnt out light, because it was also burnt out.

I've checked the manual and, weirdly, can't find any reference to this particular light. My google-fu is failing me, too, unfortunately.
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They're all pretty similar. ..push in and turn deals, like a child safety cap...look around the outside of the black part that the wires go into, you should see the pins/track for which way to push (maayybe pull) and turn.
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Turn counter clockwise and pull out.
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As said, twist it like you're unscrewing it - it only takes a quarter turn or less.
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If you're still stuck, if recommend stopping in to a local auto parts store (not autozone) and ask the person at the counter if they can give you some direction. If they're not busy they'll probably be able to at least show you what to do if not actually do it for you. I've had good luck with the local place, but I've also had surprisingly good luck with O'Reilly's Auto Parts, but that might just be my particular location.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: I think everyone is talking about the signal light, which is easy and was just a quarter turn. I'm talking about the light beside that.
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Huh. Looking at the pic again, I would say; if the black part doesn't twist and pull, try squeezing and pulling the white tabs inside the black part.
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