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Can you recommend any unusual restaurants in the Boston area?

Here's what I'm looking for: how about an Amish style family restaurant? Where all the food comes out on the table and everyone shares. Or something in a historical setting.

I'm not sure that exists in this area, so I would also love recommendations for really unusual restaurants in the region. We are getting tired of the same old same old. Unfortunately we missed all of the Old Sturbridge Village historical evenings for this season. But maybe there is a dinner theater we could go to? Or a place with belly dancing? I will take any and all suggestions! Let's figure that anything within an hour or two of Boston is okay. Thanks!
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If you're willing to go as far as OSV for 'historical' setting, you might look into the Salem Cross Inn or the Inn at Woodstock Hill. They have 'events' thoughout the year, and of course, on any day, they are in a 'historic' setting. I believe that one or both places also does dinner theatre.
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Haven't been there in a couple years, but Baraka Cafe near Central Square in Cambridge makes delicious Tunisian food, and has an uniquely cozy atmosphere. Cash only.
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Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge is many things but it isn't boring.
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I had lunch at Tatte Bakery on 3rd Street in Cambridge a few weeks ago. It's a "French bakery" with a Middle Eastern twist. I had the potato and bacon shakshuka, which for someone with French-Canadian roots was akin to Anton Ego sampling the ratatouille. The bakery has a few locations across town, and on weekends you may have to wait for a table for brunch.
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Oh! If you go to Cuchi Cuchi, try to get the interactive LED table - a coveted & weird experience.
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And this is cheesy as all get-out, but you did mention dinner theater, so... there's always the Medieval Manor.
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Haven't been there myself, but Kowloon, in Saugus, is an enormous, old-fashioned tiki restaurant that apparently hasn't really changed since the 50s. Though I don't think you really go there for the food, more for the mai tais and huge wooden tiki heads.
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You could check out Addis Red Sea in the South End. I went once to their (now closed) location that was in Cambridge. They serve Ethiopian food, and it definitely had that communal feel. I went a while ago, but I do remember that the whole table shared this large piece of spongy bread that the meals were put on, and you sort of eat with your hands by scooping up the food in the bread. (Um, it's more appealing than it sounds in my description.) Anyway, I can't speak to how authentic the whole thing is, but it was a pretty unique dining experience.
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My favorite restaurant is Journeyman in union square - they don't even take reservations anymore, you need to buy tickets in advance.

I have no idea if this is any good, but Dining in the Dark sounds like a little different experience.
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This year I went and got a collection of 15-17 gift certificates for restaurants as a gift for my Mother in law. These 2 places in Central mass were stand outs.

I haven't eaten there yet but I stopped there and toured the place, Vienna Inn and Restaurant in Southbridge, MA. It is this old really quaint inn in the middle of a old mill town. They have a great little patio with a huge fireplace and inside little rooms in an old Victorian. There is a back room you can "rent". You can have dinner in this private room in back with a couch and fire place. It looks so amazing for a birthday party. And it's a b & b. They have a web site but it does not do it justice.

The most amazing setting and experience is the Golden Lamb Buttery in Conn. It is in an old barn and just terrific. The drive there is breath taking. Go for dinner and you get a horse drawn carriage ride while you wait for dinner. The table is yours for the night. After we got gift certs we got the soonest reservation and were very pleased.
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Best answer: Yume Wo Katare, in Porter square. Delicious, authentic Japanese ramen.
There are two options on the menu: Ramen with 2 pieces of pork, or ramen with 5 pieces of pork.

The restaurant seats about 20 people and there is almost always a line. Check their schedule first to make sure they're open, and prepare to wait in line outdoors.

Here is what it is like: You wait in line, and when you get inside you order your ramen and pay at the cash register. Then you sit down at family style/bar type tables. The ramen maker will ask you if you want extra garlic on your ramen. If you like garlic, say yes. You will eat a huge quantity of amazing ramen, and if you finish the whole thing the waiters will have everyone say "Perfect!" or "Good job!"
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