Martha Stewart/Le Creuset
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Back in the late 90s, I remember seeing in a catalog a Martha Stewart line of Le Creuset cookware. What I remember is that the pots were light brown on the outside and eggshell blue on the INTERIOR. Google image search is showing me nothing, but I SWEAR these existed. Does anyone else remember this? Do you own this? Do pictures exist of these?

They were NOT Martha Stewart's line of cast iron. They were Le Creuset, but in coordination with Martha. Most important detail and the one that stuck with me: Blue on the Inside. That is key.
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I can only find this with a blue interior on etsy.
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Also light blue
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This guy will know, he's collected Martha Stewart stuff for years. If it existed, he will tell you.
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Best answer: No pictures but a comment on this page references the collaboration. The commenter described it as "drabware" with robin's egg blue - maybe try that term in your search?
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Not Le Creuset, but this post shows some Martha "drabware" mixing bowls which sound similar, with the blue interior. More examples here.
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Best answer: I think the link that pintapicasso found is your proof. "That Le Creuset set in drabware with the robin's egg blue interior was beautiful." Drabware is apparently a light brownish taupey color.
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Also this post mentions "Martha Stewart did a custom drabware beige color."
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Response by poster: Whew. Nice to know I'm sort of not insane.
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