What to do in Berlin on Christmas Day? and the next 6 days...
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We're headed to Berlin for the holidays. We have a general sense of where to go and what to see from previous MeFi posts but wonder specifically: What's the city like on December 25th and over the holidays in general? Are there any activities, sights, events occurring during this time that we shouldn't miss? Oh, and where should we eat?

We're looking for recommendations beyond the usual suspects specifically for the coming week (Dec 25 - Jan 1). Recommendations on exhibits related to the anniversary of the wall, for example, would be welcome. Or holiday and Christmas activities. We are staying near station Schönhauser Allee.

Thanks in advance.
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I was in Berlin over Winter a few year ago and I remember the city getting very quiet over Christmas, when all the residents from other parts of Germany, Europe or elsewhere travel back home for the holidays, and some others take it as an opportunity to go somewhere warmer.

It looks like there might be an exhibition of "The Most Beautiful Mangers of the World" on at that time.
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VisitBerlin has a list of Christmas Markets with dates. I haven't been to one, but there are YouTube videos that suggest what they're like. The city website also has a list and links to a bunch of related Christmas events. I have no idea what's actually open on Christmas Day.
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You can head on over to Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, they'll have some info up about the anniversary of the wall still, I'm sure. Note that while the visitor centre is only open at certain times, there are a lot of exhibits / information outside of the centre too.

iheartberlin has a lot of listings for alternative events going on.

The Christmas markets are amazing. The one at the palace (link in german) is pretty but pricey (8€ to get in). Here's a funky map of all the markets as they relate to the Berlin U-bahn/S-bahn routes.

New Year gets crazy, fireworks being set off in the street, people drinking and partying literally everywhere. If you want to see lots of crazy New Years Eve antics, then head over to Neukölln and just wander around, you wont be disappointed. Although if you are anything like me, you might be scared out of your pants by everyones blatant disregard for basic firework safety.
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Also, in Germany, the 24th is traditionally the day when you open presents (in the evening) and eat dinner with your family and the 25th is the day that you go have dinner with extended family. At least this is what my German friends tell me...
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25/26th and 1st are public holidays in Germany and a lot of things will be closed. And public transport may run less frequently. Things may also start to close earlier than usual on 24th/31st. Best to check opening times when you plan your itinerary.
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Yup, the night of the 24th is actual Christmas for us!

Christmas markets should be open even on the 25th and 26th.
Also, the Berliner Philharmoniker do a concert around New Year.
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One of the highlights of my last visit to Berlin was a day trip to Dessau for the Bauhaus School and the many other building projects designed by the school around the city. To get to Dessau you'll need to change trains at Wittenburg, Martin Luther's home city which is both beautiful and pretty interesting, even if you're not big into religious history.
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Middlemarch, one of the highlights of your trip to Berlin was getting away from Berlin? We are not that bad! We have Unesco World Heritage - which reminds me: Go to a museum!
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I'm not throwing shade honest! I love Berlin but really enjoyed getting out and seeing some of the rest of the region which were equally interesting but easy to overlook as a visitor.
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Berlin is one of my favourite European cities, you'll have a blast.

Can't recommend enough taking a Segway tour, you'll have an absolute blast on the Segways and also they give you a really good outline of the history of Berlin. We've always booked with Fat Bike . If you do go with them ask if you can have Mariette as a guide - she's brilliant.
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