Oh crap, not again! PadFone X and bumblefingers.
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Is it possible to have two phones, one number?

So per a previous ask, I dropped the tablet (dock) of my Padphone X and cracked the screen. Wound up using the AT&T insurance to replace the unit, and they sent me a new tablet and phone. I immediately ordered the crappy Incipio 'protector' which did feck all when I dropped the actual phone--Three. Days. Later. Of course there's no better protector out there, so I this thing has the potential to wind up costing me more than my house to keep replacing the fragile little darling.

My question: is there a way I can somehow link the Padphone number to an old flip phone without having to get another account? I'd like to keep the same number and forward the calls to the sturdy phone while out and about, but still be able to use the Padphone for text, calls, and data while at home.
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Take the micro-SIM out of your PadFone, put it into a Micro-SIM-to-SIM adapter, put it in your flip phone.

It may be possible to do something craaazy like get a second account, get a Google Voice number, port your old number to Google Voice, then selectively switch the number-to-which-your-Google-Voice-calls are forwarded either manually via the Google interface, or maybe with some NFC or GPS hoodoo, I dunno. But when I was in your shoes I just yanked the sim out of one phone and dropped it into another.
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You either need two valid sim cards or keep switching sim cards from phone to phone. If you have tow sim cards, and you get Google Voice, you can have the one number ring both phones or either phone.
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I do think that the only way you're going to be able to do this practically is by using Google Voice as 724A suggests.
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714A, I do have two sim cards. The old phone had the large sim card. How can I change the phone over from my husband's number to mine, and then do I set up Google Voice to work off my Padphone and connect up to both phones? Only one would be on at a time.
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