ShoeFilter: Help me find slip-on sneakers with fixed laces
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I love these casual men's Diesel sneakers, which are slip-on but also have fixed shoelaces for appearance sake without the need to tie/untie. Unfortunately, Diesel doesn't make them anymore. Can you help me find similarly styled slip-on sneakers that have fixed laces and are available for purchase?
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For the life of me, I can't remember the name, but I recall these little clips you could attach to the inside of the top eyelet of laced shoes that locked them in place, so you could turn any laced shoe in to a slip-on.

Ahh, found it. It's a Kickstarter that was successfully funded:

Unfortunately, that doesn't really help you now, but it might be something to keep an eye on.
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You can also buy these Hickies that turn any regular shoes in no-shoelaces shoes.
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You could also try replacing regular shoelaces with round elastic/"shock cord" and double-knotting at a length that lets you slip the shoes off and on comfortably. Bonus points: Looks almost like normal shoelaces, comes in lots of colors.
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Royal Elastics make casual sneakers with fixed elastic laces. You may or may not like their curent range (and their website doesn't seem to be open for business yet) but their ebay store has a wider range.
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