Not loud place near SF Ferry Building to share a drink on first date?
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Hi! I have a date planned near the Ferry Building and would like to get a drink somewhere not too loud. I went to Local Edition a month ago and found we had to YELL above the chatter of the bar. I would like to avoid that again. Where would you recommend?
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I've always loved the patio at Il Cane Rosso (in the ferry building) for a relatively quiet date. Of course, it's just beer and wine, and closes fairly early. But if you grab a carafe just before they close, I've never been forced out.
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Response by poster: Oh! Il Cane Rosso looks wonderful, but we're meeting at 8pm because that's when they get out of work.
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The Hyatt is great for a quiet drink
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nthing hotel bars. Super quiet and they have the cushiest chairs.
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You could try the bar area of Coqueta, which is just a block north of the ferry building on the Embarcadero. There's usually some space in the bar area and it's not too loud.
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How close is close?
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Response by poster: kenko, I don't mind walking for a bit if it's a nice walk and/or fun bar, but: a) they live in Oakland so we have to end up near BART, and b) it's been raining all week.

Thanks all... great suggestions so far! I have never heard the hotel bar secret, but in retrospect I have been to a bunch of hotel bars and they have been perfect for low-key conversations.
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The Hyatt is a one-of-a-kind hotel bar. The atrium has been a constant source of awesome for almost my entire life. I also found out recently that it's once again OK for rubes to take the glass elevators up to certain floors.
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The Plant Cafe at Pier 3 has outdoor seating outdoors and tall ceilings indoors, and while not quiet, exactly, even when it's bustling you don't need to yell.

[And, on review, they close at 8. Bollocks.]
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I just asked a friend this same question! Here's what she told me:

1. Hillstone - 1800 Mongtomery Street. Live jazz.
2. Hard Water Bar – Pier 3.
3. Coqueta – Pier 5.
4. Fog City Diner – 1300 Battery Street (just at the West end of the Levi’s Plaza.) They’ve just redone this place, and it’s no longer as cheeky and historic as it used to be- rather cooler and more hip. Great cocktails, and good dinner menu.
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Market bar which is actually in the ferry building and generally not crowded. Edit: NM closes at 8 also...
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Hard Water can be loud and extremely chaotic. RN74 is a good classy upscale wine bar with bartenders that will ratchet the class down a notch or two if that's your speed. People watching with a beer on the Gott's patio is another direction you could go.
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Voting for Fog City, if you're looking for the option of a longer, cosier sitdown.
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