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Health insurance options for employees of small nonprofits. Any special programs that offer this?

So I do some side work for a local nonprofit, and I've been charged with finding an option for health insurance for its two employees - who operate abroad in Latin America part of the year. (The concern is only for when they are in the United States, though.) Any options that i am unaware of, for getting decent and affordable health insurance, that might be available to small nonprofits? I figure that perhaps there's special program somewhere for this...or that some insurance company might offer something like this.
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Where is the company located? Where do the employees live when they're in the US?
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I don't know of any such umbrella organization or special plans. The availability of insurance will depend largely on the state of residence of the employees you want to cover. If these employees are in multiple states, it becomes that much harder. Good luck!
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There are some industry-related groups that might help. For example, the Printing Industries of Northern California offers health insurance options for individuals and small businesses in the print industry. I would try to call some other nonprofits to see if they have any useful information or, if they don't, might be interested in joining together for a group policy.
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Check locally for a well recommended independent insurance agent (not an agent for a specific company) that specializes in small business health insurance/benefits. Make sure you check references and find someone that sincerely represents the best interests of his client as opposed to the insurance company or his own bank account.

As mentioned, this will be specific to your state and a good, ethical independent agent will be your best resource.
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The nonprofit is located in Tompkins County, in New York State.

Hm, this may be harder than i thought. I figured there might be some orgnaization or fund dedicated to helping out small nonprofits.
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If you find one, I would like to know. I work for small non-profit in MA with 5 employees and no benefits. Fortunately I am on my husband's insurance for now, but that may change someday.
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worth a look.
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You New Yorkers are lucky, I keep finding interesting looking NY plans, but I'm in WI.
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