Optometrist recommendation for Portland, OR?
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I've been putting this off for too long, so it's time to see an optometrist. Ideally in the inner east side, or around Portland State. Thanks!
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This is inner-ish east side, but they're fantastic. Hawthorne Vision Source - Dr. Sarah Chewerda is wonderful.
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I've seen a lot of optometrists in the last 25 years. The year I lived in Portland (a decade ago), I had a perfectly positive experience with an Iranian optometrist in close-in southeast. But mostly, I've never encountered a *bad* one. Finding one that takes your insurance, or that you can otherwise afford, is the most important thing. For an it's-been-a-long-time eye check, everything is pretty bog-standard.
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since i got PRK, i don't need to go to them anymore, but the eye studio on the pearl is fantastic. dr tsai is top notch.
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Seconding Hawthorne Vision. Good customer service, and I had my glasses in less time than I was quoted.
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I also see Dr. Sarah Chewerda at Hawthorne Vision! (Despite the fact my insurance doesn't work there- boo.) I've also heard good things about the NW Portland location of EyeHealth Northwest (specifically about their contact lens people), and I think they're right on the streetcar line, so it would be easy to get there from Portland State. (I'm sure their other locations are fine too)
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Dr. To at Myoptic Optometry is great, if you're looking for something in NE.
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Blink, on SE 21st between Clinton & Taggart, are each and every one of them the nicest people ever. Or they were back in 2008, anyhow. 'Nice' here including: kind, charming, witty, tactful, warm yet non-intrusive, droll, polite, appreciative, well-intentioned, smoothly capable of carrying out those intentions. I was particularly impressed when they mentioned I had E. coli in my eye (because it's hard to imagine doing this well), and when they responded with alacrity and can-do-it enthusiasm to a whim I hadn't figured would actually be possible (they told me that while they'd never actually tinted glasses that way before, their tinting guy loved a challenge).
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Seconding Blink. I'm a year or so overdue for a checkup, but they've always been very much as awesome as feral_goldfish describes.
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