What do I call the spring loaded metal bit that holds watch bands in?
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I have been gifted a Samsung Gear Live, and in the process of struggling to put a backpack on over a heavy winter jacket, I ripped off one of the watch bands. The band itself is fine, but the metal post or whatever that attaches it to the watch face is bent. Can I buy just the post somewhere?

Apologies, I don't really wear watches or shop for them, so I don't really know how the fine details like this work.

I bent the metal bar back to straight but it's really weak now, and prone to falling off. It's got a spring release mechanism, and is about to snap off at that point. I could probably buy a whole new watch band, but I'm curious if watch bands have some sort of standardized parts set and terms I can google / amazon for to price out a replacement bit. What do you even call this thing I broke?
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Best answer: watch band spring bar pins
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It's called a pin, and there are a lot of good suggestions in this previous thread for how to replace it (it's a quick and cheap thing to fix).
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Best answer: Take it to any jeweler who replaces watch bands, and they will be able to fix it for you for a few bucks.
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Response by poster: So I'm actually traveling home for the holidays, and broke the spring bar in the airport. Ended up finding a new jewelry store next to the sandwich shop I normally visit when in town and they installed a new spring pin for five bucks.
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