A scandinavian video tradition
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I remember something on the blue, likely last year, about a day's long video of a boat sailing somewhere in Scandinavia. Thought it might be Christmas related. Does anybody have a link to last year's or even better whether they're doing it this year?
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Best answer: I think it may have been about the advent (haha) of "slow tv". The specific show might be Hurtigruten which is 5 days of following a boat.
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Any chance it's the 7 1/2 hour train from Bergen to Oslo?

I'd be really happy if it's not and there's actually a whole genre of these things.
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The phenomenon is referred to as Slow TV. A post from earlier this month has a few sailing videos. I can't view the videos at the moment, but maybe it's one of those?

No idea what they're planning this year, though.
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