Business marketing on a shoestring budget.
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Our company once had a full fledged marketing department but after years of downsizing we're on our own. Some of my coworkers want to build brand awareness ahead of projects that will be rolling out in the new year. They have the green light from higher ups but no one knows what to do and where to start. How can self motivated individuals learn a crash course in business marketing?

We had a marketing department which was outsourced to outside contractors. When that was too expensive a guy in one of our satellite offices took over. He focused on print ads and the company website. As far as I know we're not on social media or have a blog. A supervisor wants to write a PR piece for something his division is releasing soon. This had the ball rolling for others that want to do the same. Are there resources online for beginners? They would need a step by step actionable plan. Where should they start? What else needs to be done down the line?
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It all depends on the product or service.

1 Website + blog for keeping the content "fresh"
2 Sell on Amazon, Ebay, Zappo's even if you don't sell a lot there, potential clients will find your website this way.
3 If its a service use Yelp
4 Provide the best product and customer service you can possible imagine and go beyond that!

Forget about "social" media like FB and Twitter...

Good luck!
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Twine marketing with learning and development of the sales team. Salespeople often have no idea what marketing is doing and may not trust it. Do you know who your customers are?
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