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I'm looking for well produced spooky story podcasts. Radio Drama? Spoken word? It's all good, with exceptions...

I can already hear the keys hammering and please do NOT recommend "Welcome to Nightvale". Nope, nope, nope. Too wacky. I want straight faced scary/spooky.

Lots of podcasts I love did scary stories around Halloween, and I love that stuff, I want it all year round for my podcasting entertainment! I LOVE "The Truth" so stuff like "Sylvia's Blood", "That's Democracy". "Love and Radio"'s Ghost Stories, that sort of stuff.

What I'm ideally looking for is something that's weekly, well produced, is usually 15-20 minutes long and spooky/scary. Radio drama or spoken word, either are good.

Is there a scary stories podcast out there for me?
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Pseudopod is the only podcast I can think of that is squarely in this space, although it's a bit more old fashioned than the examples you list above (I also love The Truth!!).
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Creepypasta readings of varying quality. KingSpook is usually pretty good.
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Would you be interested in Old Time Radio? Relic Radio does several different podcasts, each focusing on a different genre, and they have a couple that do spooky stuff. The Horror! is spooky all the time and while Strange Tales sometimes goes in a more scifi direction, it remains pretty freaky.

Some of the shows can lean a little towards cheesy, considering that it's radio from the 40's and 50's, but usually stuff from "Quiet, Please", "CBS Radio Mystery Theater", or "The Creaking Door" stays pretty straightfaced.
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If horror is your thing, Shadow Publications / Paul E Cooley has started podcasting "The Black". Hasn't grabbed me yet, but I'm going to listen to a few more episodes yet.

Adding to the Pseudopod recommendation above, Drabblecast does horror, although some of those may be too wacky for your taste, and I haven't listened to it but listen to some of the sister podcasts, Tales To Terrify might have something for you.
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Blurry Photos podcast discusses various issues of Fortean interest.

The NoSleep Podcast has readings from Reddit's r/nosleep.

MonsterTalk is similar to Blurry Photos, a couple of folks from the Skeptic's Society discuss the unexplained.

As mentioned by others, Pseudopod is a good source for short spooky fiction.
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You should listen to 'Lights Out'- it freaked me out when I was a kid and is a lot of fun.
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Suspense! Here's a huge archive of episodes. Here's a list of the scariest episodes.
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I'm not familiar with your examples, but I enjoy Anything Ghost for year-round ghost story entertainment. Episodes are longer than your desired length but you can listen in chunks.
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