I need a replacement for delicious
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I have been using delicious as a bookmark manager and lately it is just not cutting it. Can you suggest a replacement and one that I can import my bookmarks and tags into reliably. I am looking for something easy to set up and use. Mac OSX/Mozilla/Firefox
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I use Pinboard, and it fantastic and everything I want it to be. :) I originally transferred a bunch of things over from delicious when I first signed up...it was a while ago and so I do not recall the details, but I do know it was doable and not overly complex.
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What features do you need? Firefox itself has a Sync feature to keep them up-to-date across computers, and you can tag bookmarks.
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Yeah, Pinboard is fantastic and well worth the price. Importing from delicious is a breeze as well.
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I also like Pinboard, but what is it you don't like about delicious? Maybe it has the same problems.
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87thing Pinboard... It has a one time cost if you join before the end of the year (currently around 11 dollars). If you wait until January 1st, it will be $11 per year. I was initially put off by the cost, but it is very much worth it.
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Pinboard is outstanding at what it does. His pricing model is set to change on 1 Jan so now is the time to sign up if you head in that direction.
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Nthing Pinboard and suggesting you sign up soon. Imports straight from delicious, has browser extensions and a 3rd party iOS app. Don't be put off by the minimalist decor, it's well done and reliable and fast. All of which delicious stopped being long ago.
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I use Google bookmarks and the YAGBE Chrome extension.
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I use Firefox's sync feature. Why doesn't it meet your needs? And what has gone wrong with Delicious?

If you will say what features you are looking for, the answers you will get will be more useful.
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Double-nthing Pinboard, and the advice to sign up now before the price change.

That said... yeah, it would help to know what specifically you don't like about Delicious and what you're looking for.
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Absolutely Pinboard, if what you're missing is the way Del.icio.us was before the execrable 2011 redesign. (Lightweight, minimalistic, just lets you store and tag bookmarks.) As has been mentioned, importing Del.icio.us bookmarks is seamless.
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I like Thinkery. It's also free.
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I loved the minimalism, tagging functions, and semi-social aspects of del.icio.us until its 2011 Yahooification, when they locked me out of my account while I was traveling. Argh...

Another enthusiastic vote for Pinboard! I'm usually such a cheapskate, but the one-time fee is so forgettable when you get such clean, easy, tag-powerful service. Very worth it. Importing from del.icio.us, Google bookmarks, Twitter links, etc. is a cinch. Browser/mobile extensions (I've got a Chrome plugin and an Android 3rd party app) abound, too.
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Yup to Pinboard.
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Pinboard is what delicious used to be, i.e. simple, powerful and consistent. Can't recommend it enough. And it's private by default too.
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Also, Pinboard is well-established now so there are a good range of phone apps that work with it and make it even easier. See this list.
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Response by poster: I am going to try pinboard. however when I try to export my bookmarks from delicious I get a 502 bad gateway page. Any suggestions?
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I'd email them at support@delicious.com - Hopefully this is just temporary. I know delicious has not always had reliable import, but export has always worked pretty well.
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Just logged into my delicious account for the first time in a long time and I get an immediate 502 as well like the whole "export.delicious.com" server is in the crapper (looks like). I'd suggest emailing them as well or trying them on Twitter.
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I tweeted delicious about the export page and I didn't get a response from them, but I did get a response from someone else. They pointed me to this link:
Sign in, it will display an XML file and you can right click and Save File As... Pinboard import will take an XML file with no problems.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the above comment, however it is not excepting my log in. I displays nothing but

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

and below that

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I finally got an email back from them today saying that export should be fixed. I can't try it myself right now, but you should!
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Response by poster: nope. not fixed it seems
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Did you try the api address or this one: https://delicious.com/settings/manage ?
I was able to get mine from that one today
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