Replacements in RSS reader for Gawker media outlets
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Looking for replacements for Lifehacker, io9, and Gizmodo (to distance myself from the exceptionally slimy practices of Gawker) for my RSS reader so I stay abreast of certain fields/venues

I already have MetaFilter, Slashdot, and The Daily WTF. I'm specifically looking for

* Cognition improvements
* Programmer Improvement
* TV weekly reviews (ex: Weekly reviews of Once Upon a Time/Arrow/Flash/Grimm/etc.)
* TV upcoming news (ex: Pilots ordered, Shows cancelled, etc)
* Movie releases/media for action/adventure/comedy
* Geek/Nerd toys/movies/announcements
* Technology trends (ex: E3, Apple announcements, etc.)

Not limited to just one per category and I'm willing to get more feeds if it means there's a really laser focused site that covers specific properties (like a TV review site)
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Best answer: Engadget basically does what Gizmodo does.
posted by cnc at 11:05 AM on December 18, 2014

Replace Kotaku with Joystiq.
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Best answer: BoingBoing covers a lot of that stuff, though it has its own baggage for many people.

The Wirecutter for consumer electronics/nerdy gadgets

For TV news this list from 2013 is pretty good and as a bonus actually includes women and POC (although despite only being a year old it's already starting to look a tiny bit dated.)

Maybe Hacker News? It certainly covers your topics but is more like Metafilter or a forum than something it'd be easy to follow in an RSS feed.
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Best answer: for weekly reviews and TV news.

Also The A.V. Club for TV.
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Best answer: Here's the AV Club TV reviews feed. Their Newswire feed includes stories about new shows, cancelations, casting, etc., but with a lot of movie and music news, too. I can mostly filter all the music stuff out with Newsblur's training feature if I filter by author, but I don't know what RSS reader you use.
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Response by poster: @cnc: Thanks for the suggestion
@jbickers: I already have plenty of Video Game coverage
@Wretch729: Thanks for BB/Wirecutter. HackerNews is alerady covered by Slashdot IMO
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Response by poster: @katieinshoes: Using TinyTinyRSS on my VPS
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TheVerge has a ton of RSS Feeds that should cover some of your needs.

WireCutter also has The Sweethome, which is slightly less techie

For movies, my favorite new RSS feed is
(But it's not really new release oriented)
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I'm mostly into tech and running, so I just posted the tech.
Sophos Naked Security blog
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HitFix has great TV coverage.
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Barking Up the Wrong Tree (fairly well-researched pop. psych. kind of stuff)
Cool Tools
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