Grant Management from the Granting Agency side?
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Looking for software recommendations for managing grants from the perspective of the granting agency, ideally on a limited budget.

Does anyone have recommendations on software/systems for managing applied research grants, reporting on grantee progress, and things like that?

I am newly in control of a fairly substantial research grant program which has historically been done by paper, with relatively ad-hoc reporting. Since these are typically multi-year research grants, we need to keep track of them over time and there are enough of them that keeping track by hand is becoming foolish.

I cannot impinge upon the accounting department, so I don't need to interoperate with any existing "enterprise" system here. I'm not reporting to the federal government or an IRB, so I don't need regulatory compliance stuff. I only need to track projects, investigators, deadlines, progress milestones, and budgets (mainly to make sure I'm paying out appropriately and on schedule).

I've been wading through the deep pools of grant management software (here and across the internet), but the staggering majority of what I can find relates to management on the receiving side and I'm on the giving side.

Thoughts? If I have to build another ad hoc system in Excel and calendaring software I will, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it. Despite the scale of this grant program, my budget is comparatively small (we aim to keep overhead low).
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