Anybody from Grand Rapids, MI area know a nice affordable night out?
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I would like to get a friend and husband a gift card to a restaurant or something that is nice, but not super expensive at the same time. I don't know how hard it is go get around in the area, but their address is in Ada if that matters.
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The definition of "nice, not too expensive" in the GR area is any of the Gilmore Collection restaurants. We like Bluewater grill, but the rest are fine too.
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And Ada is just a near suburb of GR, which is car-centric, so they will have zero trouble getting around.
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It's been a few years, but San Chez is where friends and I would go in Grand Rapids for a nice dinner or appetizers/drinks we could afford. It depends on how much you order, obviously.
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A friend in Grand Rapids seconds the Gilmore Collection. She says they're locally owned too.
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