Beginner information on real estate.
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I want as many links as can be given for real estate websites. Actually its a little more specific than that. I dont know much about real estate, and its something I would like to know much more about. I dont want any websites that are real estate directories, only websites that have articles about real estate. preferably beginner articles, but thats not necessary. I would also appreciate similar links to articles about other types of investment. Also, any good real estate forums would be helpful. Thanks.
posted by JokingClown to Work & Money (12 answers total) 4 users marked this as a favorite has good basic information on many of the legal issues involved with real estate.
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Hanan Levin's is the unlikely combination of real estate and popular linkblog.
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Sorry, the phrase "only websites that have articles about real estate" was hiding when I first read your request :-(
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Can I link to my own blog? I'm a realtor and don't really "blog" but post news articles I think would be of interest to my clients.

Some are fun, others are informational. Often only geared to Minneapolis market, however.
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(beware of popups on the realtytimes link)

I've learned a lot from these.
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I found the buying and selling forum at That Home Site very helpful when I was looking to buy two years ago. I also found interesting stuff at Motley Fool.

Other sites I used a lot--but are not article-driven--are (for checking mortgage rates and calculating payments), (to view listings) and (to check prices on recently sold properties).

All that said, real estate is local so you want to educate yourself on what's going on in your market. I'd read the newspaper with a closer eye, plus any other local pubs you might have--weekly alternative press, business pubs, etc. Don't just focus on the real estate sections, either. You want to find out where business development, crime and community programs are happening.

I don't know where you're looking or what you hope to buy in your price range, but a few years ago in Chicago, there was an agent who would give walking tours of neighborhoods to show people how to spot a good deal (good deal as in buying a property in a neighborhood where values had yet taken of but was showing signs of revitalization/gentrification). IIRC, a central piece of his advice was buying where the artistic class was moving to.
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The Wall Street Journal has a real estate website appropriately named
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Response by poster: I am actually not planning on doing anything real estate related for the foreseeable future. I will more than likely at least dabble in real estate at some point, but I dont like to enter (or dismiss) an opportunity/venture such as real estate until I have a solid grasp on it.

Thank you everyone for the links. They are very helpful, and of course feel free to continue posting links.
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My wife is a real estate investor, focusing on salvaging unwanted forclosures and estates.

After watching her struggle with keeping all of her notes straight on leads, active properties, contacts, and so forth, I decided to create a website that would make that side of things a lot easier. I'm close to launching the site, so it'll be ready when you are (and yes, in a couple weeks Metafilter Projects will be the first place it gets announced).

If you're curious, drop me an email. I could always use a few more beta testers.
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Best answer: Not exactly what you asked for, but I think you'd find the following two links helpful:
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Where are you? US, Canada, elsewhere?

Are you exploring a career in selling real estate, or investing in it?

If your interest is in perhaps becoming an agent, in BC, Canada, there is The Real Estate Council of BC website, which has some interesting material, including an article on whether a career in real estate is right for you.

The BC Real Esate Association has information about the industry as well, including start up costs for a new agent.
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