"Babymoon" weekend trips within 2-3 hours of Baltimore?
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Mrs. Sense and I live in Baltimore, and we'd like to take this coming weekend for one last shot at a quick weekend getaway. Help!

Before the holidays, family visits, and of course, the arrival of Baby Sense in late January, we'd like one last opportunity to take a mini-vacation. Sure, we don't HAVE to do it — I wouldn't say we've been insanely stressed lately — it would be nice, and I know it's the last time we'll be able to do anything like this for a LONG time.

We're located in downtown Baltimore and can do a 2-3 hour drive (each way). Our preference is for a Friday-Saturday thing (we could head out Thursday night, perhaps), and we lean toward mountains over ocean/bay (though we're open to the latter). We could do Saturday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday instead; we'd just have to move a Sunday class to another day.

So far I've been told about the Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, MD, which sounds great, though it's not in the mountains and I'm left to wonder "what's there to do in Easton?" We're also big on good food, so if there's quality dining (like at Bartlett Pear), that's a great bonus as well. We aren't terribly active (sad to say), so extensive hiking trails, etc. probably wouldn't be a selling point for us (though great natural beauty around those trails would be). Peace and quiet are a great bonus, but "overly rustic" is not — some creature comforts (if not mild luxury) would be kind of required.

I know there's places like this; I'm just failing at finding more than a couple. Any help from the collective would be much appreciated!
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Mr. Pterodactyl and I went to L’Auberge Provençale for our anniversary a year or so ago and it was lovely! It looks like it's about a two hour drive from Baltimore. The food is very, VERY good, the rooms are lovely, and there are some neat caves and things to explore nearby (our tour guide for the caves was basically April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation. It was amazing.). When we were there (and this seemed like par for the course) it was all adults, which is probably good if you'll be having a kid soon and are looking for a final pre-baby trip. Good luck with everything!
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Dovetailing with Mrs. Pterodactyl's comments, there are numerous wineries in Virginia, and I'm sure more than one that also has a bed and breakfast attached. Cumberland is a cute town as well, and while I'm not particularly sure, you might try to find a brewery, or winery or two to plan a weekend around. Same goes for Harper's Ferry. Sorry that I don't have any specifics.
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The Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael's, Maryland is lovely and has more of a getaway vibe than Easton. If you haven't been to St. Michael's before, it's a lovely little blend of waterfront scenery and a tiny historic downtown to poke around. There are several nice spas in town if you're into that kind of thing as well.
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Bedford Springs resort is within a 3 hour drive. It has an amazing spa, if you're in to that sort of thing. If you book any service there, you have unlimited access to their spa lounge and a "bathing ritual" area that had, IIRC, a warm pool, a plunge pool, a shower that came at you from all directions and some exfoliating stuff, a steam room (or a sauna, I can't remember). There are a couple of farm-to-tabley restaurants in Bedford that were good, and the resort has 3 restaurants (casual, fancy, and fancy-schmancy, I think).

The Kennet Square area in PA is also lovely, and they have some very good restaurants, including Talula's Garden. Longwood Gardens is nearby and has a surprisingly good restaurant. You can also visit the Wyeth House and Studio at the Brandywine River Museum of Art.
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If you can go a scosh further, go to The Greenbrier in West Virginia. You'll have a beautiful drive down and it's a gorgeous resort.
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The Washington Post's Midatlantic Travel page has dozens of ideas.
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Oops, I meant Talula's Table. Talula's Garden is in Philly!
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Also, you have to book the farmhouse table a year in advance, and it's for 8-22 people, but they have a secret kitchen table that's available sometimes for smaller parties.
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I second St Michaels! The Inn at Perry Cabin is nice but we stayed walking distance away at Aidas Victoriana Inn, The Miles River Suite is perfect. The town is great - lots of shopping and restaurants and very quaint and all walkable. I would recommend in a heartbeat.
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Thanks, all! Looks like we couldn't do it this weekend, but now we're looking at later this week, during Christmas (or immediately before/after). Looks like we have plenty to choose from!
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