No family doctor; needs an obgyn check up
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Where in Toronto can I get my girly parts checked out, if I don't have a family doctor? I have OHIP and have access to the university health centers, although I kinda want to have the check up soon. I've been kind of negligent and haven't gone for a check up in years. I'm 30.
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If you want to get a regular gynecologist (i.e. not to just go to a clinic and get a pap and pelvic and walk out never to be seen again) then you can go to any walk-in clinic and get a referral.
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Bay Center for Birth Control
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If by "access to the university health centres" you mean you're a U of T student, you should be able to get an appointment within a day or two. (Possibly even the same day although you might need to wait around) I've gone there and it's always been laughably easy to get an appointment, although once you're there it involves a fair amount of wait time.
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I second that U of T health services have always provided me with appointments fairly within a day or two -but that the wait was generally long. They were also great at helping me find a family doctor (who was outstanding).
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If you want to find a new family doctor off-campus, you can always try Albany Clinic. They always have doctors on staff that are taking new patients. If you have an urgent concern you can always go to the walk-in clinic, but if you are just searching for a new family doctor then you can give them a call and they will find one for you.
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Call Hassle Free! .They're pretty wonderful for getting checked out if you don't have a doctor, and they're an awesome community resource.
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seconding the Bay Center - they know everything about girly parts, and are super nice
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