How to spend National Day in Iceland?
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We (2 adults, 2 kids) will be in Iceland over National Day (June 17th). Before we found out that we would be there for National Day, we had planned on leaving Reykjavik to drive the Ring Road on the 17th. Now that we know about National Day, should we stay in Reykjavik one more day to experience National Day there? Or is National Day better experienced in a smaller town? We are open to anything, but just want to really experience Iceland.
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It's a great day to walk around downtown, see music, mingle with crowds of people with strollers. The whole thing is pretty kid-centric, but I enjoy it.

Keep in mind, aside from Akureyri, outside Reykjavik "smaller town" is really small. Think hundreds rather than thousands.
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If the weather's bad, I'd drive in whichever direction there's sun. As Nothing says, on a nice day it's a quite pleasant, kid-centric holiday. In the evening there's an outdoor rock concert downtown and teens and adults party.
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I'd just steep myself in a hot spring or eight.
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