Help Me Give the Gift of West Wing Jokes
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Is there a better way to gift sound other than mp3s burned onto CDs?

There is a podcast I listen to that I would love to give my aunt for Christmas. Like, the entire backlog. I can get nearly all the episodes in mp3 format and burn them to CD, but that seems inefficient. I could throw them on a thumb drive, but then it's up to her to figure out how to play them which seems like a weak gift. Am I backed into a corner here or am I missing something?
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Best answer: You could load them onto an .mp3 player and include that as part of the gift. There are lots of models available cheaply these days. (I was curious so I just did a quick search and found a 4GB model online for $35 as one example.)
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Best answer: We're actually doing this for a family gift exchange (in that we are giving a whole lotta music our giftee loves.) We are using a very old Ipod of mine but any old MP3 player will work, and if you don't have one lying around they are easy to pick up for very, very little money.
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Response by poster: This is one of those forehead smack moments. Thanks guys!
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You can also get players that have SD or microSD slots so you can easily send her more stuff later.
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