Holiday Tip at no-tip salon
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I go to a no-tip hair salon. I do not see the owner. Is it appropriate to give a cash tip for Christmas?
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I've never heard of such a thing. Give a holiday card with a gift card inside.
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No. But I bet they'd enjoy a batch of cookies or fudge.
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If in doubt, I always choose tipping - honestly, it's not a big deal, but it makes a big difference
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I work in an office and I manage our contract with the company that delivers our water. When our deliveryperson showed up today, I asked him "are you allowed to accept holiday tips?" and he told me he was, so I gave him a twenty. If he hadn't, I wouldn't.

So, I mean, you could always ask. However, if the salon prides themselves on the fact that they don't accept tips, I would say that, contrary to other suggestions, it would be a big deal to provide a cash gift, and not in a good way.

Baking, fruit, or flowers (a poinsettia would be lovely) would probably be much better accepted.
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If I wanted to show my appreciation to a specific individual who has provided me with great service, I would do so, albeit very discretely.

The employees are subject to the understanding that they must not solicit or expect gratuities. However, I, as a customer, would not feel subject to any such rule. Money is the best way to show our appreciation, and would be most appreciated.

Of course, the service provider will have the option to say no thank you, but if they do they will still appreciate your intent.
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N-thing baked goods (nothing with nuts, you never know who is allergic). Or holiday plant.

And OMG as someone from NYC who just took cash for tips from the bank that exceeds the monthly maintenance on my studio co-op apartment (that's a prime #, a comma, followed by 000), the thought of a place that doesn't accept holiday tips makes me want to weep.

Yes, I appreciate service and also care about these folks, but I tip the salon folks generously every time I'm in there; so this is one expense that costs me, dearly. YMMV.
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The no-tip policy is based on the assumption that customers like you are going to want to give tips, and the business has made a perfectly valid choice to cut this off at the pass. That's equally true whether it's the holidays or not. If you try to leave a tip, you're creating an uncomfortable dilemma for the stylist: either break a workplace rule or turn down the customer's generous offer. So, just respect the policy. It doesn't matter if you think you see the owner around when you're there; the policy is clearly in place, since you're aware of it. If tipping is so important to you, find a different salon. However, realize that you're probably already paying more than you otherwise would because of the no-tipping policy (source), and you can assume this has already benefitted the stylist.
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Best answer: It's not a tip, it's a Christmas present.
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It's not a tip, it's a Christmas present.

This. Put it in a tiny box with a bow and tell her to open it when she gets home.
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Tipping at the holidays and tipping after your regular visit feel pretty different to me. I tip plenty of service providers at the holidays whom I don't tip the rest of the year. Nth-ing to just call it a gift.
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Nobody working at a salon makes so much money that a tip doesn't matter. Unless they beg you not to do so, leave them a tip.
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