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One of my favorite little and silly gifts to give people is adopting a lobster from the UK's National Lobster Hatchery. What are other similar inexpensive and slightly silly -- but ideally also socially/environmentally conscious -- gifts you like to give people? Ideally it's a similar deal where they don't actually get more stuff to deal with, or if they do it's some sort of small acknowledgement that they won't feel bad about throwing out or recycling.
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Best answer: Adopt Hero Rats! They sniff out landmines and tuberculosis.
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Best answer: It was a temporary promotion for Valentine's Day last year, but somewhere at the Bronx Zoo there's a Madagascar hissing cockroach named after my husband.
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Best answer: Oh Oh Oh! I don't know if it's bad form to share something I worked on, but it's too perfect to pass up.

Check out Names for Change, a site where you can buy naming rights to over 100 of the items most needed by a Durham, NC homeless shelter. You can buy naming rights to a tampon, a teddy bear, processed meat product, a baby bottle, a can of corn, etc.

Giftees get a sweet printable poster and the knowledge they are helping someone in need.
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Best answer: You can adopt specimens at the Grant Museum.
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Best answer: Give them trees planted in their honor in Superior National Forest. I typically do this for friends who have pets that pass away so that the pet can have a living memorial.
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Best answer: I love to do this with Heifer International. It is quite fun to give someone a "share of a water buffalo" or a "flock of geese." :)
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Best answer: What, no mention yet of Heifer International? Seems to fit right in with the theme.

Also, you can always arrange an "adoption" via WWF, where among the animals on offer are sockeye salmon, narwhals and penguins.
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Also Heifer International. One year people got bees!
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Best answer: I also really like adopting an animal at an animal shelter by sending them a blanket and a bag of food. You might look around for local rescue groups or shelters to facilitate this because I think gifts are always more meaningful when they are in your community.
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Another vote for Heifer International ( --- you can do a whole flock of ducks, geese or chickens for $30, or for as little as $10 donate something like a 'share' of a goat: it's kind of fun telling someone there's a goat or whatever out there with their name on it, it doesn't clutter up the giftee's house, and it's definitely socially and environmentally conscious.
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Best answer: You can adopt a bat from Batworld!
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lots of zoos have programs like this for a range of their animals...
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Best answer: Less silly, unless you can chose the title, but most libraries have some variation on adopt-a-book and a bookplate in the front can say whatever you like.
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Best answer: I've recommended it before, and at EUR199 it's not exactly inexpensive, but "Adopt A Vortex" lets you name a European weather system which then appears on TV and newspaper weather maps.
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Best answer: On Petfinder (and at our local humane society), you can sponsor an animal. Basically, that means that someone can come adopt that animal for free. I recently got a wonderful cat whose adoption fees had been paid. I then paid it forward by paying the fees of another cat. It's pretty awesome, especially for cats who are less adoptable. My guy is 10 and missing a few teeth, so he wasn't top of anyone else's list. But he's pretty awesome.
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phunniemee, sadly there appears to be a bit of a scam with the fake Scots titles you mentioned.
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