Some images and pdfs imported into Quark 6 display and print incorrectly
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We have a problem with (only some) pdfs and TIFFs displaying and printing incorrectly in Quark 6 running on MAC OS 10.3.9. It's holding up the print run of our magazine!

My wife is an experienced Quark user - used it for years in her work on magazines - but this issue she has run into a problem she can't resolve. Some images (TIFFS) and some PDFs are displaying incorrectly and printing incorrectly.

The images look pixelated or blurry. I would say they look low-res, but it's not just that - some of them also gain a weird drop shadow which is not in the original file.

The TIFFS and pdfs are provided by long-standing third-party advertisers, and look fine before being imported to Quark. Once in Quark, or when they're printed from Quark, the problem appears.

This is happening with many but not all pdfs imported into Quark, and many but not all TIFFs imported into Quark.

The problem happens on two different Macs, both running 10.3.9 and Quark 6. So far we've tried: re-importing the images over again, trashing preferences, and running the Norton Disk Repair utility. We also tried importing the images/pdfs into a new blank Quark document, and the problem also occurs there.
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My guess is there is transparency in the PDF(s). You can flatten transparency in Acrobat 7 (and maybe 6?), InDesign CS and CS2, and Illlustrator CS2 (and likely CS). Or ask the advertisers to submit as flattened PDFs version 1.3.

Otherwise, bizarre -- I deal with a magazine workflow daily and haven't seen precisely what you describe.
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I second the transparency shout. Open the files in Photoshop, flatten them, and save em out as new, clean TIFFs. Import the new ones into Quark, and tell us what happened!
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Agreed. Open the tiffs and PDFs in photoshop, flatten, re-save. You should be good to go.
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