ISO perfect Christmas tree decorating album!
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Mom and I have been searching for a choral Christmas album that we love since our favorite Christmas tape died. Naturally, snowflakes follow.

This MUST be:

* traditional, classical music
* primarily choral--some instrumentation is okay, but I hate when organs or flutes drown out the voices of the singers
* joyful rather than ponderous
* available to sample online

My personal favorite songs are Good King Wenceslas and The Holly and the Ivy so it would be nice if those were included. Thank you!
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Sounds like you might like Chanticleer.
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If you can stream music online, you might like Minnesota Public Radio's Holiday Classics stream. Mostly choral, mixed upbeat and ponderous, no Santa Baby allowed.
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My family has been listening to the Canadian Brass while we decorate our tree for as long as I can remember. Definitely fulfills the "traditional, clasical" and "joyful rather than ponderous" criteria, and some of their Christmas albums will check the "choral" box as they often collaborate with various choirs (though their music, as their name suggests, is primarily delightful brass instrumentals), and it looks like a few of their albums have previews on their website (and of course on Youtube). Give them a try!

In a better fit with your "primarily choral" criteria, we also really like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's many Christmas albums (especially the older ones) for tree decorating delightfulness. Doesn't look like their website lets you preview, but iTunes might, and you can find many of the tracks on YouTube.
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I doubt it's available online, but there's an older (like around 60 years old) compilation that otherwise fits all your criteria of choral, joyful and traditional: the Sing Along With Mitch Miller Christmas album.... check your memail!
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If you like choral, can I recommend The Sixteen's collection of traditional Christmas Carols? Instrumentation is very well balanced with the vocals always taking precedence. Every album I have by them is superb.
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Sounds like the cuts on that Christmas tape could've come from Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians' Now Is The Caroling Season (as this turned out also to be a record of old familiars I was seeking).
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Oooh! The Sixteen are new to me -- and they look great! There is a YouTube channel for them, with some hour-plus things to sample, or this half-hour "Choral Christmas" special.

Thank you, apcmwh!
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