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Tell me about the current best open-world games for the Playstation 4! Very few snowflake details, just want to give someone the top titles in their favorite genre for Christmas.

I admit, I'm an Xbox girl, but our household apparently now requires the addition of a PS4 and some games for someone who thankfully doesn't read AskMeFi often. I know next to nothing about the PS4 or what titles are available or highly rated, and I don't have time to read all the reviews and make educated decisions like I normally would, so please, MeFites, recommend some games! I've seen a bunch of package deals out there with peripherals, but I don't know if they add much to the experience.

What do I need to get a no-longer-hardcore-but-more-than-casual gamer who loves open-world format? What PS4 gaming setup going to make a grown man squeal with joy on Christmas morning?

Snowflakes: Not into horror games like Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, etc. Loved Red Dead Revolver/Redemption, GTA, CoD, and Halo series. Also enjoys world-building and fantasy games. On PC, loves/loved Civ-style games and WoW.

Recommendations, please!
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Best answer: Infamous Second Son is a good open world game with super powers, very fun to move around the city.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a big world divided into zones that feel very open. Fun, action-RPG or tactical combat.

GTA 5 remastered is superb.
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Saints Row 3/4 are both great and hilarious.
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Best answer: I'm currently liking Far Cry 4 (although I'm on a 360, it is available on the PS4; not sure about bugginess on that platform but i'm guessing it's gorgeous). It has plenty of exploring interesting locations, lots of "collecting" (more than FC3), and the basic story-line shooter parts with lots of weapon choices.
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Best answer: Far Cry IV and Shadow of Mordor are both highly-rated open world games, although neither are exclusive to the PS4. There is no Saints Row for the PS4 yet (coming in January - and note that PS4 isn't backwards-compatible with PS3 discs).

I'm also fond of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag which is an open-world pirate version of AC - it's a little older so you can find it cheap now. Be warned, the newest Assassin's Creed: Unity (set in France) is poorly reviewed and apparently quite buggy.
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This is a question with an answer, and the answer is Shadow of Mordor. Watch Dogs is good too, if you want something more cyberpunk than high fantasy, but SoM is a better game.
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I've tried Shadows of Mordor and it's fun, but hasn't grabbed me the same way that DA:Inquisition has. Inquisition is open in a lot of ways- you pick a class, companions, dialogue, etc. Basically Everything is open. Yeah the world is in instanced zones, but they're Very Giant. Only get if you don't mind not seeing your giftee for a few days / weeks.
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Best answer: Far Cry 4 is an absolute blast, and probably the most visually gorgeous game I've ever played. Here's a glowing Polygon review.
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I've would recommend Dragon Age, Infamous: Second Son, and Shadows of Mordor. All of them are outstanding, meet your criteria, and yet are different enough to provide some variation.
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