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I want a plain text file listing the English words for number 1-100 (ideally, one per line any delimiter will be fine, I can fix that). One, Two, ..., One Hundred. It's got to be somewhere on this great internet. Can AskMe find it fast?
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This should get you there!
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Here you go.
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Best answer: Another: list of them.

This is programmer catnip!
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(For the raw form with 1 per line.)
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(Asking because if this is more of a programming thing and you hadn't thought of it, there are libraries or functions that can do number ↔ words conversion as a procedure versus this essentially brute-force method, and it might be a better idea.)
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Response by poster: Thanks; I'm aware of libraries that do this but I needed it fast on a computer where I can't install things like that.
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Okay, it's not a list, and since you specified fast I guess you're almost certainly done with what you needed to do, but it's an alternate take on the problem:

Excel formula to convert numbers into words
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