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Hello MeFi: I'm trying to transliterate a friend's name into Hindi, a language I'm quite unfamiliar with. The Google's and the Yahoo's are giving me different options for each consonant and vowel sounds. The name (her last) is Hackman - any tips on where to look or someone who knows Hindi well enough to help me out? There is also a Delhi street name that I'm trying to find in Hindi too! thanks!
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हैकमन would be the most accurate transliteration, since I'm guessing the 'man' in 'Hackman' is pronounced 'muhn'/'mən'

Happy to help with the street name!
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Response by poster: oh, thanks! The street name is Bhagwan Das. Here's a link to the Google Map of the street: https://goo.gl/maps/WjPKr
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That would be 'भगवानदास रोड.' I used to work near there!

Mandi House (मंडी हाउस) and The National School of Drama (राष्ट्रीय नाट्य विद्यालय or just 'NSD') are useful landmarks near that road (landmark-based navigation works best in Delhi).
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Response by poster: What a coincidence! Thanks for your help. I wish I was planning a trip...
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Btw what is this for? If it's to send your friend a letter, you know you can just address the envelope in English, right?
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FWIW, it appears that Gene Hackman's name is transliterated as जीनी हैकमैन.
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FWIW, it appears that Gene Hackman's name is transliterated as जीनी हैकमैन

I would it guess that whoever transliterated that doesn't completely understand the English pronunciation of Gene Hackman. The transliteration would be pronounced JEAN-ee HIKE-mine (i.e. they're pronouncing the second e in Gene) The मैन sound is somewhere in between mine and main and I think beijingbrown's version is closer.
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