How can I replace seat and back cushions on a couch?
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I'd like to get replacement seat and back cushions for a couch. What would be the best way to go about this?

The couch in question is a two-piece sectional, but the frames for each section are not upholstered (they're wood). I know you can buy replacement foam and cut it to size to make new cushions, but is it a good idea to try and make my own seat covers (or more accurately, have someone else sew them for me as I am a terrible sewer), or should I be going to an upholsterer to get this done? Will going to an upholsterer make my free couch way more expensive than just buying a smaller, newer couch? I really want to replace the cushions as they reek of smoke from being at my chain-smoking mother-in-law's house, and I know I won't be able to afford a newer sectional couch of any kind. Any tips for doing it myself or for talking to a professional are greatly appreciated.

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Take the cushions off. Put them in another room, or outside, just somewhere else. Wait.

Does the couch still smell like smoke? It may be in the wood as well. If there is fabric beneath where the cushions go, it probably smells too.

If not, cut you some new foam chunks, and take them to the upholsterer. Get estimates and choose a reasonable one. You'll want upholstery, not just fabric, and even if you know someone who can sew better than you can, upholstery is heavy - you probably don't want to run it through a standard sewing machine. You also want zippers so the covers are removable.

(I say cut your own foam just to save that much at the upholsterer's.)
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Are you sure that sunning them on the porch, a little vigorous beating, and some Febreze won't do it for you?
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i had the same problem and reconstructed my sofa for about $325....i had the cushion covers dry cleaned and simply inserted new foam. just measure your cushions...lxwxw...the foam parts..and allow for 1/4" extra as the existing covers will have stretched a bit.. it's like having a new sofa. good luck.
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sorry - i mean to type length x width x height of the foam cushions...
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